My Services

What do I offer ?
  1. Procurement of operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) for luxury hotel projects.
  2. Preparation of detailed customised equipment lists (5000 items), on excel (or online).
  3. Guidance on international suppliers and manufacturers.
  4. Guidance on luxury hotel standards & brands.

  1. In depth technical knowledge of products.
  2. Twenty years of multi brand hotel project experience has allowed me to develop a vast network of trusted international suppliers.
  3. Network of trusted suppliers, manufacturers, FF&E consultants and procurement companies.
  4. Order direct from manufacturers at factory prices and suppliers at wholesale prices.
  5. Project management of procurement.

Suppliers and manufacturers.
  1. Products are direct from prequalified international, national and local suppliers and manufacturers.
  2. They provide high-quality, cost competitive products and services.
  3. Most conform to ISO standards (9001 & 14001) & use western managed quality control systems.
  4. Proven history of successful projects / references.
  5. Green in manufacturing process in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, sustainability of materials and effect on environment. ISO, EMAS, FSC, FISP
  6. Manufacturers offer strict quality control 100% inspection, minimum 5 year guarantees for many products and independently verified by quality control inspectors.