Product Ideas for Five Star Hotel Projects.

Grennan's Murphy BedsBedsGuestroom
Brushes, valet stand, slippers, shoehornsAccessoriesGuestroom
Clothes hangers ideas1Clothes hangersGuestroom
Ironing board cupboardIroning and trouser pressGuestroom
Thomas Rosenthal PorcelainChinawareRestaurant
Vinyl Bins (letherette)BinsGuestroom
Rectangular Chafing dishesChafing DishesRestaurant
Stainless Steel EleganzaThermosesRoom Service
Burgess Room Service TrolleyTrolleysRoom Service
Soup Chafing DishesChafing DishesRestaurant
Round Chafing DishesChafing DishesRestaurant
Banquet Chair Ideas 1ChairsMeetings and Banquets
Banquet Chair Ideas 2ChairsMeetings and Banquets
Kettal SunbedsSunbedsPool terrace and beach
G A Design InternationalInterior DesignConsultants and Services
Ashstand gold and stainlessAshstandFront of house
Piano Grand Yamaha C1LPianoRestaurant
Stemmed ideas 1GlassesRestaurant
Stemmed ideas 2GlassesRestaurant
Cake standHollowareRestaurant
First AidMedicalHousekeeping
Toilet brush ideas 1AccessoriesWashrooms
First Aid CabinetMedicalHousekeeping
Barrier Posts and Ropes IdeasQueue and traffic controlFront of House
Executive Leather high back chairChairsMeetings and Banquets
Art Mirrors Ideas 1Art MirrorsGuestroom
Mosquito plugAccessoriesGuestroom
Chrome AubergeThermosesRestaurant
Stainless Steel KonsulThermosesRoom Service
Stainless Steel PresidentThermosesMeetings and Banquets
Hairdryer for drawerHairdryersBathroom
Aliseo Wall ProHairdryersBathroom
Wall and tube ValernoHairdryersBathroom
Wardrobe and minibar cabinetFurnitureGuestroom
Dressing tablesFurnitureGuestroom
NonslipTraysMeetings and Banquets
Mirrors non illuminated ideas 1Magnifed MirrorsBathroom
Mirrors non illuminated ideas 2Magnifed MirrorsBathroom
Mirrors illuminated ideas 1Magnifed MirrorsBathroom
Executive Chairs Dual PurposeChairsMeetings and Banquets
Towel RailsChrome FittingsBathroom
Towel RacksChrome FittingsBathroom
Soap dishesChrome FittingsBathroom
Toilet roll holders ideas 1Chrome FittingsWashrooms
Toilet roll holders ideas 2Chrome FittingsWashrooms
Wheel chair, stretcher and walking stickMedicalHousekeeping
Medical Room FurnitureMedicalHousekeeping
Hand washing equipmentMedicalHousekeeping
Other itemsMedicalHousekeeping
Luggage Trolleys Birdcage typeTrolleysFront of House
Linen TrolleysTrolleysHousekeeping
Clothes hangers standardClothes hangersGuestroom
Mobile bed-foldedBedsGuestroom
Philips LCDTelevisionGuestroom
Philips Smart CardTelevisionGuestroom
Stewarding clearing trolleyTrolleysKitchen
Mobile Sliding ShelvingStorage and shelvingHousekeeping
Uniform Railex Storage SystemUniformsHousekeeping
BurgessStagingMeetings and Banquets
Sico BarMobile BarsMeetings and Banquets
Chrome hand dryer ideas 1Hand dryersWashrooms
Soap dispenser ideas 1AccessoriesWashrooms
Paper towel bin ideas 1BinsWashrooms
Cubicle binBinsWashrooms
Room Directory CoverAccessoriesGuestroom
Stationary folderHotel Info brochures and stationaryGuestroom
Platform truckTrolleysBack of house
Two wheel trolleyTrolleysBack of house
Blotter for front desk for checking inAccessoriesFront of House
Storage for heated room service trolley boxesTrolleysRoom Service
Doormans umbrellaAccessoriesFront of House
Restaurant trollies ideas 1TrolleysRestaurant
Conference cloth and skirtingLinen-tableMeetings and Banquets
Chairs IdeasChairsOffice and administration
Office desksFurnitureOffice and administration
FilingFurnitureOffice and administration
Mobile BedBedsGuestroom
Luggage Trolley SicoTrolleysFront of House
Burgess BarMobile BarsMeetings and Banquets
FloorlockDance FloorMeetings and Banquets
GuillotineAccessoriesOffice and administration
Knives and forks models ideas 1Flatware- Knives and forksRestaurant
Knives and forks models ideas 2Flatware- Knives and forksRestaurant
Knives and forks models ideas 3Flatware- Knives and forksRestaurant
Knives and forks models ideas 4Flatware- Knives and forksRestaurant
Cot1Baby AccessoriesRoom Service
Scales Ideas SalterScalesBathroom
Porcelaine PlatterAmenitiesBathroom
Acrylic Amenities TrayTraysBathroom
Tissue boxes ideas 1AmenitiesBathroom
Butler Tray IdeasTraysGuestroom
Kettle Tray 1TraysGuestroom
Stainless Steel Kettle TrayTraysGuestroom
Newspaper CaneAccessoriesFront of House
Chrome hairdyierHairdryersBathroom
Hairdryer more ideasHairdryersBathroom
Tube TypeHairdryersBathroom
Champagne TrolleyTrolleysRestaurant
Restaurant Trolley FlambeTrolleysRestaurant
Restaurant Trolley Hors D'oeuvreTrolleysRestaurant
Restaurant Trolley LiquorTrolleysRestaurant
Restaurant Trolley PatisserieTrolleysRestaurant
Carving TrolleyTrolleysRestaurant
Cheese TrolleyTrolleysRestaurant
Restaurany trolley Ice creamTrolleysRestaurant
Hairdryer ideas1HairdryersBathroom
Piano Grand Yamaha GC1PianoRestaurant
Piano Upright Yamaha P121NTPianoMeetings and Banquets
Piano Upright Yamaha U1PianoMeetings and Banquets
Luggage Trolleys SlingsbyTrolleysFront of House
Ashtray ideas1AccessoriesWashrooms
Chrome paper towel dispenser ideas 1Chrome FittingsWashrooms
Toilet roll ideas 3Chrome FittingsWashrooms
Door hook ideas1Chrome FittingsWashrooms
Dispenser for femalesAccessoriesWashrooms
Soap dispencer ideas 2AccessoriesWashrooms
Grab bar ideas 1Chrome FittingsWashrooms
Locker ideas 1 mild steel HelmsmanLockersBack of House
Locker ideas 1LockersFitness and sport
Locker ideas2LockersBack of House
Tennis MiscTennisFitness and sport
Safe ideas 1Safes and deposit safesOffice and administration
Deposit locker ideas 1Safes and deposit safesOffice and administration
Sewing machine ideas 1SewingHousekeeping
Philips PlasmaTelevisionGuestroom
Bag Compacter ideas 1Rubbish ManagementBack of house
Compactor for CardboardRubbish ManagementBack of house
Compactor into large wheely binRubbish ManagementBack of house
Lockers wet areaLockersBack of House
Shredder largeOffice MachinesOffice and administration
PakawasteRubbish ManagementBack of house
Golf carts YamahaGolf cartsOutdoors
Golf carts TurfGolf cartsOutdoors
BlickTime and attendanceOffice and administration
Blanket "fleece" polyester 1BlanketsGuestroom
Duvet non allergic ideas1DuvetsGuestroom
Blanket acrylic ideas 1BlanketsGuestroom
Drop Safe ChubbSafes and deposit safesOffice and administration
Blanket acrylic ideas 2BlanketsGuestroom
Blanket wool ideas 1BlanketsGuestroom
Blanket fire retardantBlanketsGuestroom
Blanket "Garnier " fleece polyester 1BlanketsGuestroom
Pillows feather down ideas 1PillowsGuestroom
Pillows ideas non allergic 1PillowsGuestroom
Towel terry cotton ideasTowelsGuestroom
Pool towel ideas 1TowelsGuestroom
Bath robe ideas 1TowelsGuestroom
Bath robe waffle type ideas 1TowelsGuestroom
Bed linen Percale 100% cotton sheets, duvet covers, valance / skirtLinen-bedGuestroom
Bed linen percale 50/50 polycotton sheets, duvet covers, valance / skirtLinen-bedGuestroom
Bed linen poly cotton -sheets, duvet cover ,valance / skirtLinen-bedGuestroom
Duvet natural filling idea 1DuvetsGuestroom
Duvet Hollowfibre /non allergic filling idea 1DuvetsGuestroom
Duvet Polyester non allergic filling idea 1DuvetsGuestroom
Pillow protectorPillowsGuestroom
Mattress protector ideas 1Linen-bedGuestroom
Pillow bagPillowsGuestroom
Sash ideasBed coversGuestroom
Slipper ideas 1TowelsGuestroom
Desk lampAccessoriesOffice and administration
Clock for officeAccessoriesOffice and administration
HeaterAccessoriesOffice and administration
Sack holder 1Rubbish ManagementBack of house
Window squeegeeAccessoriesHousekeeping
Trolley 2 wheeledTrolleysBack of house
Turntable trolleyTrolleysBack of house
Keg TrolleyTrolleysBack of house
Crate and gas trolleyTrolleysBack of house
Pallet truckTrolleysBack of house
Scales for luggageConciergeFront of house
Portable personnel liftLadders and platformsBack of house
Work platformLadders and platformsBack of house
Trolley 2 wheeled aluminiumTrolleysBack of house
Shredder smallOffice MachinesOffice and administration
Cupboard in steelStorage and shelvingHousekeeping
Key cabinet for 50 keysKey cabinetsOffice and administration
Key cabinet for 300 keysKey cabinetsOffice and administration
Key cabinet sparesKey cabinetsOffice and administration
Mail sorting unitsMailOffice and administration
Executive Chairs Leather low back chairChairsMeetings and Banquets
Executive chair - "The 24 hour" leather chairChairsMeetings and Banquets
Rail for garmentTrolleysMeetings and Banquets
Flipchart Range:On easelFlipchartsMeetings and Banquets
Flipchart Range:On wheelsFlipchartsMeetings and Banquets
Pads of paperFlipchartsMeetings and Banquets
White writing board -Wall fixed magnetic typeWhite writing boardsMeetings and Banquets
Philips Proplus Hotel TVsTelevisionGuestroom
Projection screen on easelProjection screensMeetings and Banquets
White writing board -mobile and revolvingWhite writing boardsMeetings and Banquets
Flipchart Range:On wheels 2FlipchartsMeetings and Banquets
White writing board -mobileWhite writing boardsMeetings and Banquets
Overhead projectors vega OHPProjectorsMeetings and Banquets
Overhead projectors 3M OHPProjectorsMeetings and Banquets
Shelving -anodized aluminum and polyurethaneStorage and shelvingBack of house
Overhead projector trolleyProjectorsMeetings and Banquets
Stand for multi media projectorProjectorsMeetings and Banquets
Banquet Chair Ideas 3ChairsMeetings and Banquets
Projection screen electric-DiplomatProjection screensMeetings and Banquets
Projection screen electric-ElproProjection screensMeetings and Banquets
Multi media projector for 50 personsProjectorsMeetings and Banquets
TV Monitor /DVD TrolleyTrolleysMeetings and Banquets
Multi media projector for larger venuesProjectorsMeetings and Banquets
Banquet Chair Ideas 4ChairsMeetings and Banquets
Banquet Tables Ideas 1TablesMeetings and Banquets
What is FF&EFFEA Guide to Purchasing
What is FF&E FFEFFEA Guide to Purchasing
Slovenia Ramada Wardrobe 3 starFurnitureGuestroom
Slovenia Ramada head board, night table and breakfast tableFurnitureGuestroom
Slovenia RamadaFurnitureGuestroom
Tub Chair and dining chairFurnitureGuestroom
Philips Remote ControlsTelevisionGuestroom
Voltage Transformer-USA to local voltageAccessoriesGuestroom
CounterlineBuffet and Salad BarsRestaurant
VictorBuffet and Salad BarsRestaurant
CaravelBuffet and Salad BarsRestaurant
Buffet Option 1Buffet and Salad BarsRestaurant
Buffet Option 2Buffet and Salad BarsRestaurant
Buffet Option 3 FriulinoxBuffet and Salad BarsRestaurant
OSE and FFEPurchasing ServicesConsultants and Services
Napperon linen stylesTable linenMeetings and Banquets
Ice machine ideas 1Ice machineCorridors
LayoutChairsMeetings and Banquets
trailerGolf cartsOutdoors
Indel MinibarMinibarGuestroom
Indel Minibar-CompressorMinibarGuestroom
Napperon StyleTable LinenRestaurant
Lockers Helmsman SpecsLockersBack of House
Treadmill 1 Excite 900ETreadmillsFitness and sport
Excite 700 iERecline BikeFitness and sport
Excite 700iEStepperFitness and sport
Excite 700iESynchroFitness and sport
Excite 700iEUpright BikeFitness and sport
BenchesStrength and otherFitness and sport
Chest pressStrength and otherFitness and sport
DumbellsStrength and otherFitness and sport
Leg CurlStrength and otherFitness and sport
Leg extensionStrength and otherFitness and sport
Vertical tractionStrength and otherFitness and sport
Shower cap; shoe shineConsumable ProductsGreen Ideas
OSE and FFEInterior DesignConsultants and Services
Hairdryer Ideas 2HairdryersBathroom
PaperConsumable ProductsGreen Ideas
Timber FurnitureFurnitureGreen Ideas
Light BulbsEnergy and WaterGreen Ideas
Light BulbsConsumable ProductsGreen Ideas
FoamsFurnitureGreen Ideas
LampsEnergy and WaterGreen Ideas
Woollen CarpetCarpetGreen Ideas
Internal PlantsPlantsGreen Ideas
GlassesFood and BeverageGreen Ideas
NewspapersConsumable ProductsGreen Ideas
Lift Lobby (Guestroom Floors) recycling binsRefuseGreen Ideas
FramesGuestroomGreen Ideas
Energy EfficiencyEnergy and WaterGreen Ideas
MinibarGuestroomGreen Ideas
LinenGuestroomGreen Ideas
BatteriesConsumable ProductsGreen Ideas
PhotocopiersOffice EquipmentGreen Ideas
Ironing CenterIroning and trouser pressGuestroom
Kettle tray 2TraysGuestroom
FaxesOffice EquipmentGreen Ideas
General 1ChemicalsGreen Ideas
Wheeley BinsRefuseGreen Ideas
Guestroom LightsEnergy and WaterGreen Ideas
DoorsBack of HouseGreen Ideas
ArchitectureConstructionGreen Ideas
Electrical and MechanicalConstructionGreen Ideas
PolutionEngineering DepartmentGreen Ideas
PolutionLaundryGreen Ideas
BreakfastFood and BeverageGreen Ideas
European Union ECO labelPurchasingGreen Ideas
Enery EfficiencgyEnergy and WaterGreen Ideas
GeneralConsumable ProductsGreen Ideas
PrintersOffice EquipmentGreen Ideas
Comment on HazardsChemicalsGreen Ideas
Cleaning ChemicalsChemicalsGreen Ideas
Wood preservativesChemicalsGreen Ideas
CFSsChemicalsGreen Ideas
PackagingPurchasingGreen Ideas
RecyclingPurchasingGreen Ideas
Local SuppliersPurchasingGreen Ideas
BS ISO EMASPurchasingGreen Ideas
Definition of Environmentally Friendly ProductPurchasingGreen Ideas
Claims by SuppliersPurchasingGreen Ideas
Environmental QuestionairePurchasingGreen Ideas
Ozone Depleting SubstancesChemicalsGreen Ideas
CriteriaPurchasingGreen Ideas
Performance IndicatorEngineering DepartmentGreen Ideas
Benchmarking for Food and BeverageFood and BeverageGreen Ideas
Benchmarking for HousekeepingHousekeepingGreen Ideas
Benchmarking for LaundryLaundryGreen Ideas
Benchmarking for PurchasingPurchasingGreen Ideas
KvadratFabricsGreen Ideas
Useful LinksPurchasingGreen Ideas
Cot by CaddieBedsGuestroom
ChromeLuggage RackGuestroom
WoodenLuggage RackGuestroom
AcrylicLecternsMeetings and Banquets
Acrylic Desk for LaptopLecternsMeetings and Banquets
Acrylic Ideas 2LecternsMeetings and Banquets
Brochure Display Acrylic Ideas1AccessoriesGuestroom
Brochure Display Acrylic Ideas2AccessoriesGuestroom
Brochure Display Acrylic Ideas3AccessoriesGuestroom
Brochure Display Acrylic Ideas4AccessoriesGuestroom
1 What is OS&EOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
2 Project ResponsibilitiesOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
3 Purchasing Agent-Local (PAL) and Robert Dunn (RD) Who does What?OS and EA Guide to Purchasing
4 Project Timetable – Time, Money and QualityOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
7 Other OS&E ReviewOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
8 Long Term Cost of OwnershipOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
5 Sample (or Mockup) RoomOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
6 Tabletop ReviewOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
Luggage TrolleyLobbyOceanwind
9 Standards and CodesOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
10 Responsibility for determining order quantitiesOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
11 Particular Order ConditionsOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
12 Sample ApprovalOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
13 Receiving, Installation and Quality ControlOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
ProcessMasterlistA Guide to Purchasing
What is FFEFF and EA Guide to Purchasing
Life JacketLife SafetyOutdoors
What is Provided Online?InternetA Guide to Purchasing
Hotel ConfigurationMasterlistA Guide to Purchasing
Table Mix and Room MixMasterlistA Guide to Purchasing
Colours FinishOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
14 Other Remarks-Technology, compatability, floor loading, kitchen contract, electrical equipmentOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
Preferred VendorsOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
16 Local Interface/SupportOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
17 Other remarks-Resupply Prices, coordination with Project ManagerOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
18 Particular Order ConditionsOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
PaymentsOS and EA Guide to Purchasing
BuoyLife SafetyOutdoors
Hanging Pendant Lamps Ideas 2ApartmentLighting
Hanging Pendant Lamps Ideas 1ApartmentLighting
Ceiling Flushed Lamps Ideas 1ApartmentLighting
Ceiling Flushed Lamps Ideas 2ApartmentLighting
Indoor Wall Lights Ideas 1ApartmentLighting
Outdoor Wall Lights Ideas 1ApartmentLighting
Hanging Pendant Lamps Ideas 3ApartmentLighting
Water SavingEnergy and WaterGreen Ideas
Pizza Oven Italian 1OvenKitchen
Hairdryer 1GuestroomOperator1
Telephone Handset 1TelephoneGuestroom
Telephone Handset 2TelephoneGuestroom
Bathroom Handset 1TelephoneGuestroom